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About Independent UK Mortgages

Based in Stoke-On-Trent, Rob is the principal Mortgage Consultant at Independent UK Mortgages. He has the highly regarded accreditations in the Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP) and the Certificate in Regulated Equity Release (CeRER).

Welcome to our services

Unlike Banks and Building Societies we’re not tied to a single lender or panel of lenders. We have full, real-time access to every mortgage, buy to let mortgage and range of equity release products.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult even to get an appointment with a High Street Bank or Building Society and whether you do see them face to face or talk to them by phone, they’re always restricted to their own products.

Independent UK Mortgages give you the choice of dealing with us either face to face, by telephone or over the Internet. Many people like to communicate via video nowadays so we also offer Skype and Facetime communication options. Life is becoming faster and faster for everybody and we simply allow you to choose how you wish to interact with us.

Once you have agreed to buy your new house and we put your mortgage in place for you, we will co-ordinate all the many activities involved. We’ll regularly speak to your mortgage lender, your solicitor and your estate agent. We’ll keep you fully updated until you receive the keys to your new home.

In summary our ethos is simple:-

  • We take all the stress out of your end to end mortgage process allowing you to concentrate and enjoy the experience of buying your new home
  • We use state of the art technology giving real time access to every mortgage product available
  • We’ll always calculate exactly how much you can borrow and conduct a detailed review of your credit file
  • We’ll fully understand your personal requirements and match them to the best products available in the market place
  • We’ll keep yourself, your estate agent, your provider and your solicitor fully updated
  • We will offer protection and income packages to complement your new mortgage
  • We have access to a comprehensive range of credit repair mortgages for people with less than favourable credit scores
  • We can review your existing will or family trust. If you don’t have any we can put them in place for you

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For free and friendly advice call Rob on 01782 606572

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